These pictures are of a masonry addition we constructed on one of the oldest brick homes in Ypsilanti. The addition was built using cavity wall methodology. The structural portion (inner wall) was built of concrete block while the outer veneer was constructed of the original common bricks from the 1800's. This job required special care, as portions of the new construction needed to tie into an existing masonry wall that was 150 years old. Custom mixed mortar was necessary to maintain a consistent expansion ratio between the new wall and the old.

The homeowner (Chris Norman of Norman Preservation Services) worked with us on this project (and was quite skilled, in fact) Chris did the demolition, foundation and laid a few brick himself.

The first group of pictures show what we had to start with.

cnstart1.JPG (56287 bytes)  cnstart2.JPG (40964 bytes)

cnstart3.JPG (45101 bytes)  cnstart4.JPG (40869 bytes)

And a picture of the pile of 150 year old bricks we had to use...

 cnmaterials.JPG (47690 bytes)

Some pictures with the block laid...

cnblock1.JPG (23821 bytes)  cnblock2.JPG (33515 bytes)

And with the brick installed...

cnbrick1.JPG (59541 bytes)  cnbrick2.JPG (65760 bytes)  cnbrick3.JPG (51976 bytes)

More pictures of the completed project will be added soon.