The Kempf House museum Contacted us for two different projects in 2007. The first was the restoration of the original windows from 1858. The existing sashes were substantially damaged and required extensive restoration and occasional replacement of unrepairable sash components.

Original glass and hardware were removed, labeled, cleaned and reused whenever possible.

Some window components were simply beyond repair, but only the minimum was replaced with new pieces as needed. Here are some milled-to-match muttons, peg wedges and glazing fins.

All of the windows were squared, tightened and rebuilt as needed.

The repaired sashes re-installed...

Now if I can just get them to fix those sagging shutters...

Notice the original rolled glass.



The directors of the Kempf House liked our work and invited us back to replace the crumbling foundation of the kitchen addition at the rear of the house. Those pictures are here.

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